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MAACE 2023
Student of the Year

Collin Brown

Hinds Community College

Collin is a very dedicated student. Collin and his mother were often told he would never get his HSE. While he is not quite there yet, I believe he is on his way. Although he has faced some academic challenges he strives to continue. Collin has a wonderful support system at home and at Hinds Community College.


His first goal was to obtain his NCRC, with remediation he has completed the Workplace documents section and is continuing on to Applied Math.  Change can be difficult for Collin, but he is proving to face that challenge head on.  He also demonstrates a challenge with timed testing, his work and scores have shown that he is improving that skill immensely.  Collin is often very quiet and reserved, but he is blossoming in the classroom, communicating with peers and working in small groups successfully.


Collin's personality is coming out, he is interactive and social with the class. He is even eager to raise his hand and answer questions during large group activities. As Collin continues to pursue his HSE,  he may continue to encounter challenges, but he has shown that he is ready to face them head on. This is a big goal for his personal academic abilities, but nothing is impossible when you aspire to make it happen.

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