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MAACE 2023
Student of the Year

Madison Grace Johnson

Northeast Mississippi Community College

Madison Grace Johnson is an inspiring student who has turned her challenges into her motivation.


Grace is the mother of twin boys. When she had them, she was a lonely, frightened 18-year-old single mother. Her babies were born prematurely. They weighed 4 pounds apiece. For several weeks, Grace had to worry about not one, but two babies as they fought for their lives in Neonatal Intensive Care. While she was there, she says some of the nurses looked down on her because she was a single mother. Her saving grace was that some of them were kind to her and took care of her.

Now, thankfully, her twins are healthy. She works at a local nursing home and is earning certification as a CNA on her path to becoming a nurse. She wants to work in NICU. As she put it, "I want to be like the good nurses who took care of me." She is determined to take her own trials and use them to serve others.

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