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MAACE 2023
Eloise Richardson Administrator
of the Year

Tshurah Dismuke

East Mississippi Community College

Tshurah Dismuke has been in adult education for over 10 years. What makes her unique?

Where should we begin? Tshurah professes to be an introvert and does not like to be center stage. However, she has a heart of gold, especially for Adult Education. In her own words, she "has to put herself out there." Just as she did over ten years ago when she was the only employee at one of our locations, she was the receptionist, Adult Education and Smart Start instructor. She never complained nor asked for help. She just "put herself out there". She later became a prestige instructor, leading other instructors towards the same success. Then again, for another location in 2019. Her hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed. In 2020, Tshurah was nominated to become our program's Director of Adult Education.

She represents our program on different committees, pursuing marketing and giving public presentations to promote Adult Education. She served on the Leadership through Everyday Opportunities committee at her community college and currently serves on the Leadership Excellence and Development (LEAD) Institute for Adult Educators. She diligently works in the background by writing grants, two of which are with Second Chance and Dollar General. These grants help provide incentives and testing fees and cover other special needs for our students.

She also eagerly volunteers to assist in the classroom when needed. Once a teacher, always a teacher. 

Many do not know that she is a mother of two children and a caretaker for an ill parent. You would never know it by her confidence when she talks about Adult Education.  She encouraged and promoted a "different kind of teaching" for a response to the COVID shutdown and even post-COVID. She has eagerly researched and promoted online platforms to help our students get access to our program. If challenges arise, she encourages the staff to "brainstorm solutions." 

Tshurah's entire story would inspire others. A single mother running an entire Adult Education site single handily, caring for an ill parent, being summoned to become program director during the pandemic in 2020, yet to remain strong with the program standing strong beside her. What a magnificent and robust human being.

Our favorite thing about her attitude is her approachability. She makes herself available anytime a student, a staff member, or a prospective student has questions. She listens and offers answers to questions, encourages creative problem-solving, practices self-reflection, and challenges others to do the same.

Her meek, mild, and encouraging nature creates an atmosphere of support for the staff. She respects the struggles we face, both inside and outside the classroom. 

Tshurah power-punches problems and never lets her Inbox become her Out-of-her-Mind box. Her stress meter never appears to be in a danger zone. She is a secure and peaceful force that stimulates the staff to want and work for the best.

(information above was taken directly from the nomination submission)

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