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MAACE 2022
Student of the Year

Toneshia Nelson
Holmes Community College
Yazoo Teen Center

The Adult Education Department of Holmes Community College would like to congratulate its
2022 Student of the Year, Toneshia Nelson. Awarded this honor during the Mississippi
Association of Adult and Community Education (MAACE) Summer Conference, Toneshia’s
recognition exemplified her persistence to obtain her High School Equivalency (HSE). Toneshia,
who suffers from Lupus, Renal Failure, and Multiple Sclerosis, was enrolled as a GED student at
the Yazoo Teen Center in Yazoo City, from Fall 2020 – Spring 2021. While in the program, she
had a series of doctors’ visits (usually in Jackson), but if her health or time allowed, she would
still participate in class.

She left high school in the 11th grade as an unwed mother, but never lost her thirst for
education. Now, the mother of four, her children: ages: 23, 20, 15 and 14, and her husband
were her greatest supporters during her HSE studies and continue to be as supportive during
her new educational endeavor. She is currently taking courses in Medical Billing and Coding.
She is proud to be a recipient of her HSE and knows that her children admire her more for this

An inspiration to her family and others, Toneshia shared that she has been given a second
chance to live her dreams. She commented that anyone can experience a setback, but it takes
a determined person to restructure that setback into an experience that can help you move

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