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MAACE 2022
Student of the Year

Siera Heiss
Itawamba Community College

Sierra is one of those students that we rarely see in Adult Education.  Most of our students work hard to overcome barriers, and we commend them for that; however, sometimes those who are successful do not necessarily struggle to get there. She was not without her struggles, but they were not at the level most of our students are.

          She is a 24-year-old married woman who moved to Mississippi from Michigan where she worked with her father in welding.  She enrolled with us to pursue her HSE since she only completed school through the 10th grade.  Since enrolling with us in January of this year, she has completed Smart Start with a CRC Gold (her other two tests were platinum), her HSE, taken the ACT where she scored a Reading subset of 30, completed the Introduction to Welding pathway that we offer, has met with the welding instructor at ICC who was highly impressed by her hard work, knowledge level, and determination.  Her determination is what has helped her achieve all these goals.  She is scheduled to begin the Welding program at ICC in August. 


          I can share her story as well as a quote from her writing sample that states” Even the smallest amount of work would be better than nothing at all.  The person you were before should be able to look forward in time and want to be where you are now.” Another nominator described Sierra as one who has a “thirst for knowledge” and is the “ideal IET student” She has never complained, and she appreciates all the opportunities that have been given to her here.  That is all we can ask of any our students.

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