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MAACE 2022
Student of the Year

Maguette Ndiaye
Hinds Community College

Hind's Community College's Adult Education and MIBEST Department would like to congratulate Maguette Ndiaye for being honored as a MAACE 2022 Student of the year.  This award was presented during the Mississippi Association of Adult and Community Education (MAACE) Summer Conference held in Jackson, MS.

Maguette is an ESL learner from Senegal. She is fluent in both French and Wolof. Maguette began her journey in the Adult Education program in 2017. At that time, Maguette required assistance to even complete her registration paperwork needed to enter the program due to her lack of skills in the English language. Through a lot of dedication, persistence, and hard work, Maguette eventually improved in her English language skills, and earned a Smart Start Credential, a Silver level on the NCRC, and was even able to enter the MIBEST program. Maguette successfully earned a Career Certificate in Culinary Arts, but still needed to complete her HSE. Through many setbacks and let downs through failed attempts, Maguette began to wonder if she would ever achieve this goal and wanted to give up on several occasions. However, her drive and determination kept her going and after 5 years in the program, Maguette finally successfully passed all parts of her HSE.  Obviously, Maguette's English Language barrier was by far her greatest hardship. Additionally, for Maguette to complete her HSE, she had to continue working on her skills and even though she had met the minimum score on some sub tests of the HISET, she still had to go back and take them again to ensure that she met the minimum overall required score needed to pass her HSE.

Maguette is so inspiring to other students. Her hard work ethic speaks for itself, and the other students in our program cannot help but see her positive attitude and spirit. She is always willing to give a kind word of encouragement, and in fact, she is already working with one of our current students to help them in their journey towards earning their HSE and educational/career goals as well. 

Maguette is always positive and hard working. She is an encourager and as a result motivates everyone that she encounters to be better and work harder at their own respective goals. She has a natural way of helping others to see that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.  We are so proud of all Maguette's accomplishments and feel she is so deserving of this honor.

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